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Girls Hockey

Learn to Play

Your 5-10 year-old daughter can enroll in our girls only Learn to Play program where they will receive a full set of hockey gear plus 8 weeks of instruction from a TBL alumni for just $220. The program is designed to give them the skills to learn more about the game of hockey. Driven by the NHL/NHLPA, this program is designed to not only introduce the game of hockey, but to encourage youngsters to stick with the great game.

Girls Rookie League

This is for our girls who have graduated from Learn to Play but are not quite ready for a recreational league at a local rink. It is an 8-week program from a TBL alumni for just $165. They will begin to further develop their skills and learn the basic rules of the game.

Each session will include a scrimmage, so they can learn how to play a full game. 

Girl Scouts Clinics

Lightning Made Hockey will be hosting quarterly ball hockey clinics in conjunction with the Girl Scouts at the Lightning Made Training Center! The clinics will be a hour long taught by a Tampa Bay Lightning Alumni, and are open to all skill levels and ages. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my daughter play with an all-girls team as opposed to a co-ed team?

We understand that your daughter may be competing at a higher level against higher skill level players and we do not want to deter you from that choice. That is of course your decision to make.

However, let us ask you how much of a leadership role does she have on that team? Is she able to lead her line and teach those less skilled than her? Does she have an established role on that team or is she told to simply the boys and do what they do? What we found with this first year of our program was that these girls are developing into leaders and finding their own voice on the team. They are surrounded by their teammates in the locker room and not missing out on that team bonding experience. She will learn more about the game and given clear expectations for how she can help the team improve and succeed as well as given her own individual goals to grow and develop.

The reality is that girls and boys play a very different skilled style of game. Girls are required carry the puck more, complete more passes and typically be skilled on their feet. Since they cannot use their body to force their opponent off the puck, they must use their hands and feet while using quick decision making and a swift style. The game becomes faster for them and they learn more about the positional side of the game. The earlier she is able to learn this style of play, the more successful she will be later down the road when it comes to her future in girls' hockey.

How much does this program cost?

1) Learn to Play ($220 for 8 weeks) *may only participate one time*

2) Rookie League ($165 for 8 weeks) 

What are some of the perks of being a part of a Lightning program?

Funny you should ask! We try to make this program so much more than just hockey. We want our girls to learn about all aspects of the game, including character development and leadership. They will be able to earn for the opportunity to be the Lightning Thunder Kid, play during the first intermission of an NHL game, learn from TBL alumni and other fun activities that always happen to pop up when you're affiliated with NHL team.

Are parents able to jump on the ice and help with practice?

All of our coaches are certified through USA Hockey. They have passed the mandatory background check, taken their SafeSport exam as well as studied the age-specific modules.

Only Tampa Bay Lightning employees will be allowed on the ice and/or the bench with our girls. While we appreciate parent volunteers, we ask that you focus on cheering for your daughter and supporting her hockey career.

Girls Hockey Merchandise

When you purchase merchandise from our Squad Locker store, a portion of the proceeds go directly to Lightning Made Hockey to help benefit our Girls Hockey Programs!