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Heroes League

Heroes League Merchandise

When you purchase merchandise from our Squad Locker store, a portion of the proceeds go directly to Lightning Made Hockey to help benefit our Heroes League Program!

Heroes League

A league for the first line heroes of our community!


Fire fighters, police officers, medical staff, teachers and armed forces of all skill levels are all invited to join our adult Heroes League. All players will be invited to take advantage of weekly practices coached by TBL alumni & staff. It is a 10-week season with a championship game at the end. 

Run exclusively out of Xtra Ice, practices are set for 60 minutes, while games are 4-on-4 and consist of three 15-minute periods. 

All skaters must be registered with USA Hockey prior to registering for the league. You can find the link to register here

For any questions, comments or concerns please email Joey Galuppi at 

Winter 2021 - Season

Please click the link below to register for the upcoming Heroes League season!

All practices will be on Thursdays at 9:45pm-11:00pm, starting January 7th.

All games will be on Sundays at 6:00pm-9:20pm, starting January 10th.

Please make sure to mark your calendars accordingly with the information provided below. 

Heroes League Schedule

Week 1 - January 10th (Practice - January 7th)
6:00pm Veterans (5) Teachers (6)
7:10pm Warriors (6) Fire (4)
8:20pm Police (6) Medical (5)
Week 2 - January 24th (Practice - January 21st)
6:00pm Fire Medical
7:10pm Veterans Warriors
8:20pm Teachers Police
Week 3 - January 31st (Practice - January 28th)
6:00pm Police Medical
7:10pm Teachers Veterans
8:20pm Warriors Fire
Super Bowl Week (Practice - February 4th)
Week 4 - February 14th (Practice - February 11th) 
6:00pm Medical Warriors
7:10pm Police Veterans
8:20pm Teachers Fire
Week 5 - February 21st (Practice - February 18th)
6:00pm Teachers Medical
7:10pm Warriors Veterans
8:20pm Fire Police
Week 6 -  February 28th (Practice - February 25th)
6:00pm Warriors Teachers
7:10pm Police Fire
8:20pm Medical Veterans
Week 7 - March 7th (Practice - March 4th)
6:00pm Police Medical
7:10pm Fire Veterans
8:20pm Teachers Warriors
Week 8 - March 14th (Practice - March 11th)
6:00pm Warriors Police
7:10pm Teachers Fire
8:20pm Medical Veterans
Week 9 - March 21st (Practice - March 18th)
6:00pm Teachers Police
7:10pm Medical Warriors
8:20pm Fire Veterans
Week 10 - March 28th (Practice - March 25th)
6:00pm 1st Seed 2nd Seed
7:10pm 3rd Seed 4th Seed
8:20pm 5th Seed 6th Seed

Heroes League Standings

Team Wins Losses Shootout Losses Points
Teachers 1 0 0 2
Police 1 0 0 2
Warriors 1 0 0 2
Veterans 0 1 0 0
Medical 0 1 0 0
Fire 0 1 0 0

Fall 2019 & Defending - Heroes League Champions - Teachers

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